Corporate Wellness

Reshape your bottom line

Healthy employees make for a more productive company. Employees perform better when they are fit, have low stress levels and feel that their employers care about their well-being. Healthy employees also reduce staff absences on account of sickness.

Sopwell House recognises that corporate wellness is increasingly becoming a necessity rather than an optional extra. Providing your employees with a wellness programme improves not only your employees' overall fitness but also your company's balance sheet.

Sopwell House Country Club provides a wide range of services and facilities to ensure that your employees achieve the results for themselves and your company. When you sign-up to our corporate scheme, you will have access to a whole host of facilities and services.

We offer a choice of three competitively priced payment options:

  • Self-funded - employees pay for their own membership but qualify for a group discount
  • Semi-funded - the cost is shared between employer and employee
  • Fully funded - the company pays all membership costs

For more information or to book a week's free trial membership for up to 20 employees, please contact Sandra Smith, Membership Manager on 01727 750423 or email