Pan-Asian restaurant at sopwell house

Dining at Omboo

Expertly prepared and plated by Chef Derrick Chen and his kitchen team, there are no starters or mains when dining at Omboo, your selection of sharing platters are simply delivered to your table fresh out of the kitchen when ready.

Sushi sashimi

  1. sashimi (3 pc)

    salmon (FI)
    medium fatty tuna (FI)
    seabass (FI)
    yellowtail (FI)

  2. nigiri (2 pc)

    salmon (FI)
    medium fatty tuna (FI)
    fresh water eel (FI)
    yellowtail (FI)

  3. sashimi platter (8 pc) (FI)
  4. nigiri platter (8 pc) (FI)
  5. Omboo sashimi / nigiri platter (24 pc) (FI)
  6. seared medium fatty tuna (FI,SO,GL,SD)

    teriyaki sauce

  7. yellowtail carpaccio (FI,SO,GL,SD)

    ponzu sauce

  8. seared japanese A5 grade wagyu (SO,GL,SD,MU)

    wasabi ponzu sauce

  9. fried salmon roll (8pc) (FI,SO,GL,SD,DA)

    strawberry, cream cheese, teriyaki sauce

  10. dragon roll (8pc) (CR,FI,SO,GL,EG,MU)

    tempura prawn, fresh water eel, basil mayo

  11. asparagus roll (8pc) (ve) (SO,GL,SD)

    avocado, cabbage, radish, fava bean sauce